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Studies show the positive influence PhotoBioModulation (PBM) therapy has on the MITOchondria (the energy engine of the cell) which leads to a significant boost in energy, strength, recovery, joint mobility, pain relief and more.

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Over 60 randomized clinical trials (RCT) display an increase in exercise capacity, strength and faster recovery! PBM therapy has been shown to Stimulate, Heal, Regenerate and Protect tissue that has been stressed, injured, is degenerating or is at risk of dying. The clinically validated results indicate that using the correct doses induces significant boosts in energy, strength, recovery, healthy body composition, joint mobility, pain and soreness relief and more.


PBM therapy has been shown to have very beneficial effects on a variety of conditions including sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, pain and more. Regardless of where you fall on the wellness spectrum, PBM has benefits for you!

Sports Performance

PhotoBioModulation is shown to reduce fatigue, increase strength and improve recovery. Coaches/trainers can increase training intensity and athletes can confidently push their limits with PBM therapy as part of their training routine.

The Fit Lit is a patent pending technology that provides full body treatment of 4 clinically validated Red and Near infrared light spectrums that provide ideal therapeutic light distribution. The Fit Lit is iPad and bluetooth integrated, has a variety of programs utilizing pulse technology to enhance the efficacy of the treatment times (5-7 min).

PhotoBioModulation Therapy (PBMT) is the application of Red and Near Infrared light to tissue that is stressed, injured, sick or degenerating to reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, increase cellular energy production and circulation. The result is enhanced tissue repair leading to improved muscle performance, recovery, reduced pain and more. It is safe and has no known negative side effects.


The benefits with PhotoBioModulation are many as it works at the source……cellular health. It reduces cellular oxidative stress (precursor to inflammation) which when left unchecked, leads to cellular damage and chronic conditions over time.

The Benefits – Better, Faster Results

  • Increases in Energy
  • Increases in Exercise Capacity
  • Increases in Strength
  • Reduces Recovery Time
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Reduces Pain and Soreness
  • Enhances Mood
  • Enhances Skin Appearance
  • More