It’s All About The FLO

with Pressure Release Technology

Intelligent conditioning for optimal lymphatic flo! Pressure/Release technology refreshes your body and accelerates your ability to recover so that you can perform at your best.

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A series of DKompress treatments can revolutionize the way you approach your fitness routine! Utilize our 24 Chamber Pressure/Release technology to help the flo of lymphatic drainage for quicker recovery and relief from body soreness.


Experience how DKompress has helped others manage pain and maintain health! Regular pressure/release treatments help enable healthy blood and lymphatic FLO, which aids in detoxification, accelerates recovery time, helps aid pain management, and boosts immune health.

Sports Performance

Facilitate relief and full body recovery for athletes by alleviating soreness and flushing metabolic waste and toxins. Pressure/release technology can reduce the healing time, eliminate inflammation and reduce chance of injury. Additionally, use as a tool for warm-up and enhancing circulation before exercise or a game!

DKompress is the most powerful and precisely calibrated 24 chamber, multiple program pressure/release therapy system for lymphatic flo and drainage that aligns with the strictest European and US medical standards.

DKompress comes in 2 high quality commercial grade upper (Full Jacket) and lower body (All-in-One legs, hips and torso) garments. It is fully adjustable for different size users and is made with the highest quality nylon parachute material and industrial quality zippers for long lasting 24/7 commercial use.

The garments are precisely sensor controlled, completely adjustable and provide a hypertensive-safe maximum pressure of 80mmHg. There are 4 different sequential peristaltic treatment settings and a proprietary, first of its kind, built in “Pre-Treatment” mode to prevent backflow by opening lymphatic pathways.

The Balance cycle applies a massage from the bottom of the hand or foot, up and over the body. The sequence is wavelike, and moves up the body, as the chambers over the hand or foot release as the massage moves upwards. This cycle has an even cadence that is very soothing.


The Intense Cycle applies a directional massage that starts at the bottom of the hand or foot, and then progresses upwards towards the torso, filling each chamber with air and then releasing all chambers at once.


The PreTreatment Cycle can be added to the beginning of the Balance or Intense cycles. Based on these cycles, the Pretreatment cycle is a primer for the main treatment, with a fixed, moderate pressure setting of 40 mmHg. It starts over the torso, massaging it first, and then continues, starting at the next lower chamber. As the sequence progresses, the massage moves lower down the limb, but always moving upwards towards the torso.


Based on the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage the DKompress is the most precise & clinically proven treatment

  • 1 session instantly flushes out toxins, lactic acid and metabolic waste products from exercise and physical activity
  • 1 session immediately reduces delayed muscle soreness and recovery time before the next physical activity or work out
  • Significantly reduces swelling and edema
  • Regular treatment sessions shorten healing time after trauma or sports injury
  • Highly improves circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Has a relaxing effect on the nervous system


  • Breaks down adhesions while nourishing the tissue with freshly oxygenated blood and may reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Flushes waste products and fatty acids from fat-loss treatments
  • Has a contouring effect